78,000 Mothers die every year in India

According to a recent report in Lancet medical journal, more than half of all maternal deaths in 2008 were reported from just six countries: India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In India, every year about 78,000 women die during pregnancy, childbirth or within 42 days after delivery.

Mumbai facts you didn’t know

Mumbai ranks ,  58 amongst 75 Top Financial centres in the world.

Mumbai’s population of 13 million people is greater than those of the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Oman put together. And all these people are crammed on a strip of islets strung together by bridges and reclaimed land to create the world’s most populous city with 29,650 people living per sq.

2220 Children die in India everyday

Some scary facts to put that in perspective: The mortality rate in India for children under five years of age is 69 per 1,000 births, and 410,000 of them die of pneumonia alone each year. Then there is diarrhoea, which claims around 400,000 children typically under the age of five each year.

Human Trafficking and Prostitution facts

These are some alarming facts about the rising human trafficking and prostitution in India

Among huge swathes of India’s poor, life is little more than a bare, often brutalised attempt at staying alive, a struggle in many cases hijacked by human trafficking, deemed by the United Nations the world’s third-largest illicit industry, after arms and drugs.

Drug Addicts in India

“There are about 70 million drug users in the country,” goes the official line.  But that figure comes from the first and last national survey on drug abuse in India, carried out in 2000-01 and published in 2004. The most common drugs of abuse then were ganja, hashish, opium and heroin.

Diabetes in India

India has the dubious distinction of being the diabetes capital of the world. The International Diabetes Federation estimates that the number of diabetic patients in India has more than doubled from 19 million in 1995 to over 41 million now. Up to 11 per cent of India’s urban population above the age of 15 has diabetes.

Cancer Deaths in India

Cancer is the second biggest cause of death in India, growing at 11 per cent annually. There are 2.5 million cancer cases and four lakh deaths a  year in India. In 1991, six lakh new cancer cases were diagnosed; that figure has now risen to eight lakh.

Child labour in India

According to the 2001 census, there are 12.6 million children under the age of 14 engaged in child labour. This is surely a conservative estimate. The government estimates also do not acknowledge the millions of children working in agriculture. Civil society places the number of child labour at a more realistic 40 million or so.

Slums in India

According to NSSO these are some  facts about slums in India 2008-2009.

About 49 thousand slums were estimated to be in existence in urban India in
2008-09, 24% of them were located along nallahs and drains and 12% along
railway lines.