Crime Statistics Against Children in India

• 7.6% increase was reported in incidence of crime against Children in 2007 over
2006. Cases of Child Rape went up by 6.9% during 2007 (5,045) over 2006
• A total of 6,377 cases of Kidnapping and Abduction of children were reported
during the year 2007 as compared to 5,102 cases in the previous year
accounting for a significant increase of 25.0%.
• Cases of Selling of Girls for Prostitution declined from 123 in 2006 to 69 in 2007.
• Madhya Pradesh reported 21.0% (4,290 out of 20,410) of total crimes committed
against children in the country.
• The highest crime rate (12.1) was reported by Delhi as compared to National
average (1.8).
• Punjab (35) and Rajasthan (16) together have accounted for 53.2% (51 out of
96) of cases of foeticide reported in the country.
• The conviction rate at the National level for crimes against children stood at

Source: National Crimes Record Bureau 2007 Report

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