Violent Crime Statistics India

• The share of violent crimes in total IPC crimes has decreased continuously from
11.5% in 2003 to 10.8% in 2007.
• Manipur (41.5), Daman & Diu (33.7), Dadra & Nagar Haveli (31.5), Assam (31.2)
and Kerala (31.0) reported higher violent crime rate compared to 19.0 at All-India
• Uttar Pradesh reported the highest incidence of violent crimes accounting for
12.4% of total violent crimes in the country (26,693 out of 2,15,613) followed by
Bihar  with 10.7% (23,039 out of 2,15,613).
• Uttar Pradesh reported 15.5% (5,000 out of 32,318) of total Murder cases in the
country and 16.1% (4,424 out of 27,401) total Attempt to Murder cases.
• 14.5% (4,838 out of 33,428) of murder victims died as a result of use of fire-arms
in the country.

Source:  National Crime Records Bureau

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