30% cancer deaths in India due to Tobacco use

Tobacco use one of the major reasons for death in India.Hee are some facts about Tobacco use in India and its effect. According to Tobacco Altas brought out by World lung foundation 390,000 hectares of land is used to grow tobacco.

  • Lancet reports 1.2 lakh deaths due to tobacco related cancer deaths in 2010.
  • More than one-third of adults (35%) use tobacco in India, or 274.9 million
  • 163.7 million use only smokeless tobacco; 68.9 million are only smokers and 42.3 million users of both smoking and smokeless tobacco.
  • 14.1% children in the age group of 13-15 years are consuming tobacco in some form
  • Bidis, along with smokeless tobacco, account for 81% of the Indian tobacco market.
  • India is also the second largest consumer and second largest producer of tobacco in the world, second only to China.
  • The prevalence of overall tobacco use among males is 48% and among females is 20%.
  • Nearly two in five adults (38%) in rural areas and one in four adults (25%) in urban areas use tobacco in some form
  • The extent of use of smokeless tobacco products among males (33%) is higher than among females (18%)
  • Globally 6 million people die each year due tobacco consumption-related diseases
  • The death toll is estimated to rise to eight million by 2030.
  • It is estimated that more than 80% of these deaths occur in the developing countries.
  • Tobacco has also been identified as the risk factor for 6 of the 8 leading causes of death.
  • Nearly 30% of cancers in males in India, and more than 80% of all oral cancer are related to tobacco use.

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