India Census 2011

Literacy Rate of India 2011

Literacy rate of India in 2011 is 74.04%. The Male literacy rate is 82.14% and Female literacy rate is 65.46% according to Census 2011.
Among the Indian states, Kerala has the highest literacy rate 93.91% and then Mizoram 91.58%.
Among the Union Territories, Lakshadweep has the highest literacy rate of 92.28%.
Bihar has the lowest literacy rate in India with 63.82% .
The Male literacy is highest in Lakshadweep 96.11% and Kerala 96.02%.
The Female literacy is highest in Kerala 91.98% and Mizoram 89.40%.
Lowest male literacy is in Bihar 73.39%.
Lowest female literacy is in Rajasthan 52.66%.

Here is the table of Male and female literacy rate

India Census 2011

Kerala Population 2011

Kerala Population is 3,33,87,677, according to Census 2011.
Most Populous Districts in Kerala
Malappuram – 41,10,956
Thiruvananthapuram- 33,07,284
Ernakulam- 32,79,860
Thrissur -31,10,327
Kozhikode- 30,89,543

Here is the data table for population of Kerala and Districts.

India Census 2011

West Bengal Population 2011

West Bengal Population according to latest Census 2011 is  9,13,47,736. The most populous districts are  North Twenty Four Parganas 1,00,82,852, South Twenty Four Parganas 81,53,176 and Barddhaman 77,23,663.

Here is the Population of West Bengal according to population percentage of  districts in West Bengal.

India Census 2011

Punjab Population Census 2011

According to census 2011 the  Provisional total population of Punjab is 2,77,04,236

India Census 2011

Karnataka and Districts Population 2011

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India Census 2011

Urban and Rural Population of India 2011

According to the provisional data released by Census India,these are some of trends of Urban and Rural Population of India

  • For the first time since Independence, the absolute increase in population is more in urban areas that in rural areas
  • Rural Population in India: 68.84%
  • Urban Population in India :31.16%
  • Level of urbanization increased from 27.81% in 2001 Census to 31.16% in 2011 Census
  • The proportion of rural population declined from 72.19% to 68.84%

Here is data table and statistics for the urban and rural population and percentage of urban and rural population of India according to provisional data

[table id=10 /]



India Census 2011

Population of Himachal Pradesh Census 2011

Here is the population statistics of Himachal Pradesh and Districts from provisional data of India census 2011
[table id=9 /]

India Census 2011

Haryana District Population Census 2011

[table id=8 /]

India Census 2011

Census 2011 Population Percentage of States

Are you curious to know which states in India are populous?  Then here is the data table of the Population percentage of each State and Union Territory in India  from India Census 2011 Provisional data.

Uttar Pradesh (16%),  Maharashtra (9%), Bihar (9%),West Bengal (8%) and Andhra Pradesh (7%)   are the top most populous states in India.

[table id=6 /]

Source: Census India 2011



India Census 2011

India Census 2011 Provisional Population Data

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Source: Census India 2011 Provisional Data