Mumbai facts you didn’t know

Mumbai ranks ,  58 amongst 75 Top Financial centres in the world.

Mumbai’s population of 13 million people is greater than those of the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Oman put together. And all these people are crammed on a strip of islets strung together by bridges and reclaimed land to create the world’s most populous city with 29,650 people living per sq. km, according to the United Nations’ State of World Population 2007 report.

Every day, close to 6.5 million passengers — roughly equivalent to Ireland’s population — use Mumbai’s suburban railway  network. About 4,500 passengers cram into a nine-car train meant for 1,700 people, making it a truly cattle-class experience. That works out to about 16 people per square metre of the train.

More than half the city resides in slums; in 1970 one in six Mumbai residents lived in slums.

Two-thirds of the city’s population lives on just five per cent of the city’s land.

Source: Business Today August 22, 2010