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What did Indians searched on Google last year?


Snake bite kills 46,000 people yearly in India

Do you know more people are killed by snake bites than cholera and dengue in India? These are some of the disturbing facts brought out by the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene conference.
These are some of facts from the conference

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Facts about Ecommerce market in India

How large is the market for E commerce in India? Is it a hype or true. Here is good infographic from Referral candy.

India Census 2011

Karnataka and Districts Population 2011

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Download Report of illegal mining in Karnataka

Want to know how corrupt our politicians and govt officials are then download and read part of the report submitted by Lokayukta’s final report about the illegal mining in Karnataka. Deccan Herald got it through RTI. The report has 25,228 pages and the summary in 900 pages. Here is recommendations part of the 464 pages of the report which the officials shared.Download it from Deccan herald’s website

India Census 2011

Urban and Rural Population of India 2011

According to the provisional data released by Census India,these are some of trends of Urban and Rural Population of India

  • For the first time since Independence, the absolute increase in population is more in urban areas that in rural areas
  • Rural Population in India: 68.84%
  • Urban Population in India :31.16%
  • Level of urbanization increased from 27.81% in 2001 Census to 31.16% in 2011 Census
  • The proportion of rural population declined from 72.19% to 68.84%

Here is data table and statistics for the urban and rural population and percentage of urban and rural population of India according to provisional data

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India Census 2011

Population of Himachal Pradesh Census 2011

Here is the population statistics of Himachal Pradesh and Districts from provisional data of India census 2011
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India Census 2011

Haryana District Population Census 2011

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World facts

Challenging World Facts

World clock with many challenging world facts.


Andhra Pradesh Districts Population Census 2011

Here is the district wise population Andhra Pradesh based on provisional census data 2011.

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