Snake bite kills 46,000 people yearly in India

Do you know more people are killed by snake bites than cholera and dengue in India? These are some of the disturbing facts brought out by the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene conference.
These are some of facts from the conference

  • Annually 46,000 people die due to snake bite in India though official figure is only 2,000.
  • 97 percent of deaths occur in rural areas. They die because they go the traditional healers or snake charmers than health centres.
  • Men are more affected than women.
  • Most affected states are UP (8,700), Andhra (5200), Bihar (4500) etc
  • India is home to 13 snake varieties that are highly poisonous of which five make up the deadly list of the common snakes biting humans – Common Cobra, Krait Cobra, Russells Viper, Saw Scaled Viper and Hump Nose Pit Viper.