India: No 1 importer of arms in the world

India was the world’s largest recipient of arms, accounting for 10 per cent of global arms imports. The four next largest recipients of arms in 2007–2011 were South Korea (6 per cent of arms transfers), Pakistan (5 per cent), China (5 per cent) and Singapore (4 per cent).

Asia and Oceania accounted for 44 per cent of global arms imports, followed by Europe (19 per cent), the Middle East (17 per cent), the Americas (11 per cent) and Africa (9 per cent).

‘Major Asian importing states are seeking to develop their own arms industries and decrease their reliance on external sources of supply,’ said Pieter Wezeman, senior researcher with the SIPRI Arms Transfers Programme. ‘A large share of arms deliveries is due to licensed production.’

Press release from Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPR

India Census 2011

Population of Himachal Pradesh Census 2011

Here is the population statistics of Himachal Pradesh and Districts from provisional data of India census 2011
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World facts

Challenging World Facts

World clock with many challenging world facts.

India data

Download India Human Development Report 2005 Data

Freely downloadable public use data files are now available for the India Human Development Survey 2005 (IHDS), a nationally representative, multi-topic survey of 41,554 households in 1503 villages and 971 urban neighborhoods  across India. Two one-hour interviews in each household covered health, education, employment, economic status, marriage, fertility, gender relations, and social capital. Children aged 8-11 completed short reading, writing and arithmetic tests. Additional village, school, and medical facility data will be available later.

India Human Development Data 2005 can be downloaded after registration from here .

Infant mortality

2220 Children die in India everyday

Some scary facts to put that in perspective: The mortality rate in India for children under five years of age is 69 per 1,000 births, and 410,000 of them die of pneumonia alone each year. Then there is diarrhoea, which claims around 400,000 children typically under the age of five each year. In other words, just these two diseases claim 2,220 children a day.

Source: Business Today,August 22, 2010


Diabetes in India

India has the dubious distinction of being the diabetes capital of the world. The International Diabetes Federation estimates that the number of diabetic patients in India has more than doubled from 19 million in 1995 to over 41 million now. Up to 11 per cent of India’s urban population above the age of 15 has diabetes.

Source: India Today