What Urban Indians are Eating?

Do you want to know what Indians eat? A new study has revealed the eating habits of urban Indians.

The wellness group of Apollo Hospital Group, under Prof. Adrian Kennedy, has been monitoring the health data of urban Indians over the last decades. The result of this year’s health study analysed the eating habits of  40,000 urban Indians across eight cities who came to Apollo for their medical check ups.

These are some of the findings about what Indians eat and their health conditions.

48% eat oily fried foods

51% do not eat fresh fruits, uncooked vegetables or fresh salad on a daily basis.

49% have low protien intake, eat meat, dal or beans less than 3 days a week.

54% have high sugar intake, gorge on sweets.

47% indulge in untimely snacking.

31% have insufficient calcium intake, consume few diary products.

72% eat meat,mainly chicken and fish, 2-3 days a week.

36% eat out at Fast food outlets regularly.

As a result

48% are overweight

34% do not excercise

51% are physically unfit

33% are on daily medication

26% have high BP

30% have bad teeth.

17% have diabetes.

31% face digestive disorders.

Source: India Today Magazine June 4 2012